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About Us

A Leading Provider of High Quality Customized Trophy

Octopod is a reputed supplier of world-class customized trophies with a comprehensive range of awards, plaques and trophies that are designed to fit every corporate recognition and budget.

Crystals are typically used for ceremonies and corporate events due to its clear Diamond like clarity. Resembling a diamond dispersing brilliant reflections. Beside clear crystal, black onyx and colored crystals are gaining popularity as it supplements the design of the selected customized trophy, award or plaque.

Beside crystals, Octopod provides another material of choice – Metal. The metal series trophies are constructed using metal alloy with top quality plating.

Other than crystal plaque & corporate products, Octopod fully welcomes any customization of artistic sculptures for any specific or auspicious events for personal collection. Or as a perfect gift alternative.

Under premium Liuli (琉璃, Liuli itself is regarded as the first among the “Top Five Wares” of China. One of the “Seven Treasures” of Buddhism, this legendary artwork is as unique as it is mysterious. Believed to possess incredible mystical power that can bring prosperity, good luck, and wealth. Ancient Chinese emperors gave colored glaze items only to high-ranking government officials.

Made of a combination of glass and dioxide, colored glaze is created using a precise de-waxing and casting technique known as the “Ancient Method.” It is an extremely complex and time-consuming process. Done almost entirely by hand, there are several dozen tedious steps that can take up to 20 days to finish. Even without a single mistake made in every stage, the chance for a successful product is only 70%. Because of the random and unstable nature of colored glaze, no two items are identical.

Besides these product offering, we are also extending the range to wine glasses, decanters that are now more widely accepted by Corporate to Individuals that like to have some form of customization or to solemnize specific, important events that can be put to practical usage. We will soon provide more information pertaining to our product range from time to time and in accordance to the market trends and demand.