Crystal Engraving Service

Octopod provides a variety of customization services for our Crystal Trophies and Awards. Such as Sandblasting Engraving, Crystal Full Color Printing, High Definition 2D to 3D Laser Engraving. These services are available for all our Crystal Trophies, Plaques, Paperweight, Liuli Glass Awards, Metal Trophies. (Terms and Conditions apply). Octopod provides exquisite selected designs for clients to achieve the desired outcome for all occasions from individual to corporate events.

Products are fully manufactured in Taiwan, thus quality is ensured. We aim to provide exceptional quality and crystal engraving service.

Octopod is also able to make awards from a scratch based on your preferred design. Do give us a call or drop us an email should you have any specific customization of products in Crystal or Metal in mind. Or if you have seen any design that is not listed within our catalog and we will be glad to provide you more information and ideas.

Octopod is also extending our sand blasting service not limited to just crystal trophy or crystal awards engraving, sand blasting application includes:

** Crystal, Glass or Acrylic.
** China bone, Porcelain ,Stone (example Marble or Granite).
** Metal (example Aluminum).
** Wine or liquor bottle to drinking glasses sand blasting, engraving.
** Onsite sand blasting service (this will be on appointment basis).
** Artistic to individual personalization sand blasting on above mentioned material or compound.

Our crystal engraving service includes sandblasting to laser engraving. Octopod also provides various sandblasting services on non crystal related materials such as China bone or porcelain, glassware, marble to metal material. We welcomes all enquiries to our sandblasting service.